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NPO Core Community

Connect with other founders, CEOs, executive directors, and established individuals to learn more about nonprofit organizations and growth!

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About the NPO Core Community

We built this community to give anyone the chance to learn from some of the most established individuals in the world of nonprofit organizations, and to help give guidance to those who are in need of it!

We also wanted to give the opportunity to founders to network with each other and form valuable partnerships and connections to help boost both parties' growth!

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About NPO Core community

Meet our experts!

We've brought together some of the most successful nonprofit founders into the NPO Core community, allowing them to answer any questions anyone may have! Each expert has different specialties, so you can ask specific questions to specific experts!

Skyler Basco

Marketing and Internal Operations

Shrey Gupta

Management, outreach, operations

Joanna Lin

Public relations, operations

Chinmayi Balusu

Non-profit organizations and Research

Kenny Wu

Internal Operations, Marketing

Neha Washikar

Marketing, Team Management

Siddharth Sharma

Entrepreneurship, Machine Learning Dev

Vivian Tan

Entrepreneurship and Human Resources!

Gabby Banaag

Graphic design, Operations, Marketing

Arun Mommileti

Entrepreneurship and Operations