NPO Core offers perks to its users in order to strengthen both their public presence and operative experience. These tailor themselves to specific missions, such as an educational focus or a networking appeal. Each perk has the potential to make massive strides in developmental functions, organizational strategy, prestige, community connections, and user satisfaction. Furthermore, each perk is individualized to your NPO’s needs, serving it in its best interest. This manifests itself most prominently in negotiated discount rates for your entire NPO team, but appears across other elements as well. With an ongoing development of new perks, there will always be at least one and probably many applicable to and helpful for your organization to engage with.

If your organization does education, teaches classes, or hosts tutors, Modulus can offer you a custom platform for your courses, managed by your team through our central dashboard on Modulus. Plus, you get discounted rates for the whole team, negotiated on an individualized basis.